Welcome On the Road through..!

I have always been a passionate traveler and I love to share my experiences and opinions with other travelers.

I welcome everyone to peek into my posts and I hope you will find some inspiration for your next adventure 😉

Let’s see if we have something in common: this is my personal list of 10 things I LOVE about TRAVELLING:

  1. waking up very early in the morning overflowing with energy and curiosity for a full day of discoveries;
  2. carrying my chubby backpack on my shoulders;
  3. bringing my father’s camera to capture my travel memories;
  4. being surrounded by nature and watching wild animals in their habitat feeling a primordial connection to the earth;
  5. sleeping at small and traditional accommodations run by someone who love to share his experience and his life’s choice;
  6. visiting local projects for the preservation of the biodiversity;
  7. reading inspiring books, biography and true stories, about the places I am going to visit;
  8. trying to understand the thoughts and the advices of a person with a different culture and habits;
  9. tasting traditional dishes and recipes made by ingredients grown locally;
  10. sharing my best experiences inviting anyone to do the same!

Comments, questions or any other ideas are very much appreciated!

If you wish to send me suggestions on what to write or ask me any other information about my travels, I am very happy to receive your requests: please fill the form on my “Contacts” page!

I am not an english native speaker and probably I’ll make a tons of mistakes, but I hope You will enjoy the reading anyway..

Thank you and Happy Travels!



8 thoughts on “Welcome On the Road through..!

      1. You will. I started the same and my English was horrible but it improves over time, just remember to practice as much as you can, always. Best of luck! 🙂

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