Trekking in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park (Trentino Alto Adige)

During the weekend I love to escape the city seeking refuge in the mountains and when it is possible I always choose an accommodation in the heart of a natural park.

I had a great experience in Trentino where I overnight at the Hotel Vallesinella (1.513 m), near Madonna di Campiglio, in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, the largest protected natural area of Trentino.

The hotel is located in the Vallesinella valley, near two wonderful waterfalls, spectacularly surrounded by the Brenta Dolomite mountains: this is the starting point for many different excursions, via ferrata and climbing spots.


The first day I decided to reach the “Rifugio Tuckett” at 2.272m: it was built at the beginning of the 20th century and dedicated to Francis Fox Tuckett, the first mountaineer explorer who reached this pass in 1871. The refuge is open only from the middle of June to the end of September and during this period it is also possible to spend the night there.

map vallesinella

The trail (n°317) starts on the right side of the Vallesinella valley along a cool beech wood: after one hour walking I took a rest at “Rifugio Casinei” at 1825 m. The second part of the trail twists and turns with staircase and hairpin turn and the landscape is dominated by the spare alpine flora. The overall itinerary is uphill (700m difference in height) but it is not difficult if you are in good physical conditions and there aren’t particular dangerous parts, crevices or precipices.

At the very moment I saw the refuge in the distance my heart skipped a bit: the view from its terrace is breathtaking and I felt completely overwhelmed by the majesty of the Nature all around me.


Rifugio Tuckett
The terrace


The second day the destination was the “Rifugio Monte Spinale” (2104m) taking the trail n°382 (on the left side of the valley). Starting from Vallesinella I reached the “Malga Vallesinella di sopra” after a long and steep staircase created on the rocks near the high waterfalls dominating the valley.

Malga Vallesinella di sopra
Malga Vallesinella di sopra

The second part of the trail is a bit more difficult because it twists and turns on the crest of the mountain (the “Coste di Vallesinella”): the path is less popular and wild and the probability to encounter a wild animal is higher. I was very excited when I spotted a chamois looking alarmed in my direction!

Coste di Vallesinella
A chamois
A chamois

Arriving at Malga Fevri (1968m) I continued the climbing together with a lot of bikers from all over the world participating to the very challenging “Dolomitica Brenta Bike” marathon and I reached the Rifugio Monte Spinale after two hours.

The official site of Madonna di Compiglio is full of activities to enjoy the amazing area of the Dolomiti in each seasons!


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