Stolen portraits of Workers in Japan

In Japan I was totally fascinated by the Japanese people and their activities: in particular I found myself extremely intrigued by the workers in the markets and the ones peeking out from the open windows of their shops.

Japanese are well known as very hard workers and in their culture the job is supposed to take precedence over even their family at times. Nevertheless in my experience, from just a tourist’s prospective, you are not able to see any struggle or edginess in their faces or behaviors: the Japanese mindset always place between theirselves and the other person a smile, a bow, an “arigato gozaimasu”, and a kindness mixed with shyness (particularly when they fear saying something incorrectly in English).

Their local markets and shops are full of an incredible varieties of unknown food, vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, goodies and sweets: the only way to discover what is displayed on the counters is to find the courage to buy and taste them!

All the details of my itinerary in “On the Road through central Japan” and “How to organise a trip to Japan“.


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