Gozo, the luxury of simplicity

It is said Gozo was the ancient Homer’s isle of Ogygia, where the nymph Calypso held him for seven years in a cave near Ramla bay.

There he is, lying in great pain

in an island where dwells the nymph Calypso,

who will not let him go;

and he cannot get back to his own country,

for he can find neither ships nor sailors

to take him over the sea.

The Odyssey, Book V

The small island of Gozo (14 km long and 7 km at its widest point) is located just 25 minutes ferry journey from Malta (the Cirkewwa ferry terminal is 45 minutes driving from Malta airport).

The beauty of its rural character is limitless: sandy and rocky beaches, coves, unspoilt bays, spectacular coastlines and tranquil and picturesque little villages.



I stayed at a B&B in the little village of Nadur and I rented a car to be able to reach and visit all the spots of the island.

Very early in the morning I drove (on the left side!) anticlockwise along the coast and every turn brought a new view of beauty:

  • Dahlet Qorrot Bay: a beautiful beach surrounded by fisherman’s houses digged in the rocks. It is worth to go up the stairs on the right side and walk along the spectacular cliff;

    Dahlet Qorrot Bay
  • Ramla Bay: a long red sandy beach a little crowded by tourists;
  • from Xwejni Bay to Wied il-Ghasri: the bay, dominated by a Battery on the promontory, has a shallow reef and a pebbly beach. The sea coast is studded by saltpans cut out of the limestone rock by hand (a number of them are dated back to roman times!) for over a kilometer;
    Xwejni Bay and the saltpans

    Xwejni Bay salt shop
  • Wied il-Ghasri: a scenographic cliff-bound inlet with a very small sandy beach;

    Wied il-Ghasri
  • the Azure Window:  a famous limestone natural arch which is a popular visitor destination. It is worth to leave the crowd and walk on the left side of the bay to admire the amazing and quiet Dweira Bay;
    Azure Window

    Dweira Bay
  • Mgarr ix-Xini: I finally relaxed in this beautiful and remote beach lying in a gorge, the one I loved the most. (this is the set of the upcoming film By the Sea starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt!).

    Mgarr ix-Xini

The day after I took the 9 am taxi-boat to reach Comino Island and enjoy the paradise of the Blue Lagoon with few tourists: the water was warm, pure and crystalline and it was not possible to resist swimming across the lagoon reaching the natural beach on the opposite side and relax lying on its sand full of little shells.

The Blue Lagoon

6 thoughts on “Gozo, the luxury of simplicity

  1. Ciao Tricia, thank you for dropping by! I spent a long weekend in Gozo in September but it definitely worth another visit. My favourite spot is Xwejni Bay and the saltpans: you will notice here a little stand where you can also buy some salt from a nice old man who has is own laboratory set inside the limestone wall along the road. I have just added a photo of it 😉

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    1. I’ve seen Gozo’s saltpans featured a lot, and am quite curious to see them as well. I’m also eager to try ‘making’ my own sea salt, but perhaps I could soak up some advice from this wise man that you mentioned. 🙂 Thank you for the additional pointers, Marica.

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  2. Fantastic article about my home! Never expected to find this here amidst your travels in Africa etc. Great title too, really captures the way we live here – and the way I am, come to think of it. Sahha!

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