The most famous truffles market in the world

The trifole marks the roads used by fairs and gnomes, and their irregular shape is due to the heart-beating of the plants about to fall asleep..

Popular legend

Italy is famous among the truffles enthusiast because it is the main place where the most expensive kind of truffle, the White Truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) is harvested (it can be found also in Croatia (Istria), Slovenia and Hungary).

The province of Cuneo in Piedmont (the hills of Roero, the Langhe around Alba and Mondovì and the Cebano area) offers the best conditions for the growth of this excellent quality. The origin of the Alba White Truffle market goes back to 1929 and after few years it was pull together with a wine and gastronomy fair of the traditional delicacies from the surrounding territory.

The white truffle finds its perfect environment in oak tree woods and calcareous ground but they are unpredictable: they will grow anywhere there are the roots of trees they can cling to and humid and green soils not too sunny. Their season only last for a little over two months, from the end of September to the beginning of December,

Nowadays the International Alba White Truffles market is held from mid october to mid november and it is a perfect and yummy excuse to organise a break to relax and enjoy the taste of high quality truffles, great vineyard landscapes, wines and products in Langhe, Monferrato and Roero area, declared World Heritage Site in 2014.

Alba truffles market
Alba truffles market
Alba truffles market
Alba truffles market

Every year I spent a day in this beautiful area having lunch with my friends and tasting the traditional receipts. All restaurants in Alba, but also the ones located in the countryside (from Alba to Asti), offer their best menus to better experience and appreciate the taste of the fresh truffles. They must be eaten raw, reason why they are always grated on top of selected receipts able to enhance their flavor.

Pontestura (Alessandria province): Agriturismo Cascina Smeralda

Penango (Asti province): Tenuta del Barone

Barbaresco (Cuneo province): Casa Nicolini

Taglierini and raw white truffle
View from the restaurant “Casa Nicolini”
Landscape of Langhe

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