Chamois, a unique Alpine Pearl

There is a unique place in Italy where the streets are suitable only for walking through the modern and ancient rural houses surrounded by a peaceful and majestic alpine landscape.

Chamois, at an altitude of over 1,815 meters, is the only italian commune onshore impossible to be reached by car: it distinct itself among the Alpine Pearls, a consortium promoting the soft mobility and environmentally friendly activities.


The village is located in the Aosta Valley and there are three possibility to reach the altitude where this heaven is located: by foot following the mule track from Buisson, by plane from La Magdeleine or by aerial lift from Buisson (five minutes).

As soon as you arrive at the station you can appreciate the picturesque and charming characteristics of the small town and its gorgeous samples of Aosta Valley’s bucolic architecture. The oldest rural houses of the village are dated back to 1654.

It is an extraordinary place where time stands still and you can surrender to nature and the wide-open spaces.

I stayed at Maison Cly, located near the arrival of the cable car, the perfect place for a romantic escape: the hotel is made of wood and stone and the service is friendly and efficient. I recommend it to everyone.

View from Maison Cly
View from Maison Cly

The spectacular surroundings provide a lot of trekking trails and mountain biking grounds: there is a first chairlift to reach the Lod lake and a second one to the Fontana Fredda hill.

When I was there I had the chance to be present at the Cervino x-Trail, a very demanding race starting from Antey-Saint-André (1005 masl) crossing the valleys to reach Lod lake: the participants run down the mule track from Chamois to Buisson and La Magdeleine for a total difference in altitude of 4.000 meters!

Chairlift to Fontana Fredda Hill




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