About Travelling and Writing

I started writing because I wanted to keep track of my travels (places, names, contacts, useful information) for my own memory and also to easily share them with anyone who may be interested.

I discovered that in the process of writing I was able to relive and recall so many more details hidden in my memory and give them an endless life.

I took this opportunity to fill my descriptions with additional information, enriching the content with further elements such as photos, historical background, links to other works with similar content, etc..: working through the subject in this way has added so much more value to my very same life’s experiences.

Moreover, I realized that as I was doing these elaborations I started to better understand what I really care about, crave to experience and what is worth doing when I visit a new place. 

In a few words, a new way to direct my own gaze.

I would never have thought that such a process and evolution in my mind would have been possible simply by writing, but this is what happened. Now I hope I will be able to better focus on what really matters to me and on those experiences which add value to my way of thinking and looking at the world.


18 thoughts on “About Travelling and Writing

  1. Travel an adventure a discovery adventure into your mind and your heart (what you care about). This is something my husband and I do for college students who study abroad or take travel study trips for shorter times. We help students think about these things BEFORE they leave, so they are already thinking, talking, writing about what could happen, what kind of reactions they might have to changes or differences in the culture they are traveling to.

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  2. Ciao Ronda, thank you very much for passing by and leave your comment. These students are lucky to be encouraged by you in this way! This is an excellent suggestion also for me: I will try to think more and more BEFORE I leave 🙂


  3. Short and beautiful! Writing is indeed a great way for self-reflection right? Precious experiences we have will most likely be forgotten without a medium to make it last longer. I keep a personal journal and rereading it has always been a great time. It must even be a much better experience for you since you also keep photos and stuffs in this nice blog you have here.

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  4. That is so very true! I recently travelled to Bordeaux in France with no time to research beforehand so I came to place with an open mind and no preconceived idea of what I should visit and take photos of. Since I got home I’ve been finding out more, reading blogs about the city and preparing my own posts and photos. Without that research after the trip, I would have forgotten so much of what I saw. Mind you, the rate I’m going, it will be months before I actually post my photos and stories!

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  5. That is such a great reason to start writing, it’ll provide you with endless content especially that travelling arouses new emotions and feelings which is something interesting to write about. Rock on! 🙂


  6. […] I started this blog few months ago to keep track of my travels and share them with my friends. Then I discovered the power of writing and I understood how this blog can be a great instrument to enanche, deepen and enrich my own travel experiences. You can read something more in my post About Travelling and Writing. […]


  7. I like your writing style and thoughts. I enjoy traveling and I originally got on to a blogging web site to write about my own travels. I really haven’t written much about my travels yet. I will get there eventually.

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    This savvy traveler, Marcia, explores the reason she journals during her trips in the world. She expresses what research has shown with Study Abroad students: “I started to understand what I really care about, what I really crave to experience and what is worth doing when I visit a new place.” Enjoy this short insightful and relatable post by a young women on the road through.


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