South Africa – A semi-solo travel, one photo and an endless love

Some years ago I realized I hadn’t try to fulfill one of my greatest desires yet: travel to Africa (the southern part of Africa).

The reason was none of my friends seemed to have the same interest in such a kind of experience: in the end I have always organised something else heading to other destinations.

There are some great and unforgettable moments in your life when you really feel you have all the instruments to walk out your comfort zone and do something you have never done before: when this happen you become a better, stronger version of yourself and you understand the amazing and endless possibilities the world can offer to you.

This photo above captures the exact moment I hopelessly felt in love with Africa. Yes, I went there. I did it. No friends.

I was so sure of what I wanted I decided to join a group of self-organised travellers coordinated by a very well-know sort of travel agency in Italy: Avventure nel Mondo. The destination: South Africa.

I was very nervous when I confirmed the reservation but all my fears vanished when I met the group at the airport: travelers with my same passion, wondering about the great experiences waiting for us in South Africa! I felt like I was among friends and I realized I made the best choice ever, no doubts.

I took this photo very early in the morning, during the first safari of my life, after few minutes we entered in the Kruger National Park. We were slowly driving in the fog when a magnificent giraffe with her baby crossed the road few meters right in front of us. The emotion was great and although I saw so many wild animals during that day and the days after, this moment will always be perfectly treasured in my mind.

We travelled across South Africa (from east to west), Leshoto and Swatziland dazzled by the wonders of these lands.. but this is another story of which I’ll write about soon!

I went beyond my boundaries and I felt in love with a land I always feel nostalgic about. Amazing.


17 thoughts on “South Africa – A semi-solo travel, one photo and an endless love

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      I am so glad! I hope one day you will allow yourself to try this great experience! This is a new shade that could be added to your #3 “Reasons to travel”post! 😉

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