The Three Rondavels, Blade River Canyon, South Africa

Dear Reader,

I have always been a passionate traveler and I love to share my experiences and opinions with other travelers.

Let’s see if we have something in common, this is my personal list of 10 things I LOVE about TRAVELLING:

  1. waking up very early in the morning overflowing with energy and curiosity for a full day of discoveries;
  2. carrying my chubby backpack on my shoulders;
  3. bringing my father’s camera to capture my travel memories;
  4. being surrounded by nature and watching wild animals in their habitat feeling a primordial connection to the earth;
  5. sleeping at small and traditional accommodations run by someone who love to share his experience and his life’s choice;
  6. visiting local projects for the preservation of the biodiversity;
  7. reading inspiring books, biography and true stories, about the places I am going to visit;
  8. trying to understand the thoughts and the advices of a person with a different culture and habits;
  9. tasting traditional dishes and recipes made by ingredients grown locally;
  10. sharing my best travel experiences inviting anyone to do the same!

Comments, questions or any other ideas are very much appreciated!

For more about why I am here: About Travelling and Writing.

If you’d like to send me suggestions on what to write or ask me any other information about my travels, I am very happy to receive your requests: please fill the form on my “Contacts” page!

I am not an english native speaker and probably I’ll make a tons of mistakes, but I hope You will enjoy the reading anyway..

Thank you and Happy Travels!



40 thoughts on “About

  1. Marica_bo, I came visiting because I received a notice that you are following me. I’m happy to go along with you although I am not at all inclined to trek over the world with you! I’ll sit at home and watch your progress, OK? Thanks for coming over.

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    1. Dear Oneta, thank you for passing by! I am following you because Anand mentioned your blog and I value his opinion very much! I hope you will enjoy to trek “virtually”with me 😀

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Marcia 🙂
    Enjoying looking through yours too- especially you Yucatan post, as I am actually writing one on the Yucatan Peninsula myself at the moment! 😛

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    1. Ciao Ambika! Thank you for passing by!
      I haven’t ever count them 😀 Maybe one day I will add a map.. I travelled around Rajastan some years ago, Varanasi and Agra, I wrote only one post on it but I will do better as soon as possible. I love India and its culture very much! 😉

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  3. Wow! You have been all over the world! Love your Blog and will find a lot of inspiration here! Great to meet you!


  4. you have the right perspective about travelling! You should be proud of yourself! My blog is the first on your blogroll – I am totally surprised and honoured! Keep travelling, do what youenjoy most!

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